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The Old Cowboy

The Radiant

Was it a Dream, Grandma

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You Belong to Me - Depression

Photo of the Author, Eve When you feel as if you are the only one who's ever been at the bottom in the pit of despair - and perhaps it's your first time - REMEMBER that others have been there and we are, after all, only human. Remember also,


While going through some of my trials in life, I've written out my feelings, straight from my heart. Some of these feelings are in prose, some in poems, some in stories. Some were written in total despair - some with hope no matter what circumstances surrounded me. Many people have read a few of these writings. Most of those people have told me to PUBLISH, PUBLISH, SHARE, SHARE!

I hope as you read, you will feel love and compassion for another human being - and for yourself. I've learned that until you feel that true love for others, you have no real choice in how you want to feel for the rest of your life. A person has to feel sorrow and pain or hope and joy to be able to compare and be able to choose what way would be best to feel. Unless a person knows what the choices are, however, that person has no choice. The irony is that the more I've felt a true love and compassion for others, the more love and compassion I've felt for myself! One great paradox is in giving, one receiving, one gives. Each of us is a teacher, each of us is a pupil. The more love we give, it seems the more love we have to give. Hope for the future - and help make it better!

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Photo of the Author, Eve
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